Thursday, December 24, 2009

Override Eclipse Key Binding

A few weeks back is was struggling with an Eclipse key binding problem. I had to override the CTRL+S binding. Since I had my own "org.eclipse.ui.bindings" extension, I keept on getting conflict messages (no wonder).
So I thought I'll make a post as personal reference and maybe it helps some other developer.

This is what I did in ApplicationActionBarAdvisor.makeActions().

IBindingService bindingService = (IBindingService) window.getService(IBindingService.class);
bindingService.addBindingManagerListener(new IBindingManagerListener() {
public void bindingManagerChanged(BindingManagerEvent event) {
BindingManager manager = event.getManager();
for (Binding binding : manager.getBindings()) {
ParameterizedCommand command = binding.getParameterizedCommand();
if (command != null && ActionFactory.SAVE.getCommandId().equals(command.getId())) {

IWorkbenchAction saveDocumentAction = ActionFactory.SAVE.create(window);



Lars Vogel said...

Another possible way is to define your own scheme. This is described here:

Anonymous said...

Thx for the article... helped me in solving a similar problem

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