Monday, December 1, 2008

Eclipse Nebula

I was searching for a better SWT DateTime widget, since the standard widget isn't really "done" yet.
Durring my search I stumbled over the Eclipse Nebula project, which provides a few real nice widgets that extend the SWT widget collection.

Currently the widgets are in Alpha and Beta status. Right now I'm using the DateChooserCombo in a CellEditor, I found and reported a Bug and hope the widgets will be stabilzed soon.


Unknown said...

I am attempting to use this widget in the same way. I get an identical error and stack trace.

Did you ever find the problem or perhaps make it work?

Flavio Donzé said...

hey Mike

I haven't found a solution jet. I wasn't working on the project for a while because I have a lot to do at work.

The eclipse galileo release has improved the DateTime widget, check out:

I haven't used it jet but maybe that would solve the problem?